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Loudon Chronicle I. April London Chronicle Jnl. A Bailad. By Catharina Macaulajr, London Chronicle London Chronicle Aug. A letter from a Virgtoian to the meinbers of the Con« gress to be held at Philadelphia on the first of September London Chronicle Decemb. SBefnmonat Letter from the Earl of Dunmore to the Earl of Dar- mouth. London Chronicle March 2 — 4. Pnrliamcntary register X. SSergleid « London Chrouicle. Times Septb. Memoire of the Earl of Ckatham London Chrom Co au?

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London Chronicle Februar. London Chronicle Jun. Thousands of them have serred as soldiers in their own counlry. They speak. London Chronicle Septbr. London Chroniele Nro. Ueber bie 9? London Chroniele. September 5. Life of Washington II. Ucbcrftdjt Slpril London Chronicle. When nobler fate can patriot virtues crave! An awful radiance spread! Tor, from their shrioe a Harne shall burn, Bold freedom to inspire, See how it issacs from their um Each bosom catch the fire.

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