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Hilal leon

03.08.2021 в 21:03 88 Автор: Doubar

Episode List

He followed her as she turned into the hallway towards the dressing area for nurses. She looked around and then opened the door, waiting for Leon to follow. I thought Halit Ikbal made his thoughts very clear. Come to really drive home mocking me for my feelings? Hilal, I am hurt!

hilal leon 30 indir

I poured my heart out for you, did that mean nothing to you when you decided to publish that letter? Were you laughing as you made me feel things for you? He turned away from her and grabbed at his collar.

He turned to her, his eyes disbelieving. Hilal nodded, but her thoughts turned to her sister. Could Yildiz still think Leon would marry her after a letter like that?

Could Leon be telling the truth? One glance at his earnest eyes gave Hilal a pretty conclusive answer, and she badly wanted to believe him but a part of her needed to see that letter. Needed to see for herself the truth.

Too many misunderstandings had clouded this relationship and she needed to be sure. But maybe it is because I find it so hard to believe that you develop feelings for me when my sister is prettier and certainly would bring less trouble for you. This meeting is learned by the Greek Army. Greek Commander Filippos learns that Cevdet, whom he trusts, has betrayed them.

Filippos wants Cevdet to be arrested and executed immediately. Azize is ready to grab all the danger to save Cevdet. Cevdet suffers from Greek torture during his imprisonment. Cevdet and Leon face each other. The resistance in Izmir is getting bigger and bigger. Azize goes nearby villages to help for women. This main witness, Leon, lifts him to the hospital and begins the critical process for Hilal.

Hilal and Leon (HiLeon) from Wounded Love: Winner of the Top TV Couple 2018

Cevdet and Azize are destroyed by this news. Cevdet suffers the pain of what they could not tell Hilal, who was fighting for life. Cevdet, who can not tell Hilal to actually works for Kuva-yi Milliye, can not bear this burden any more. Adonis, who aims to kill Hilal lying at the hospital, once again tries to kill Hilal. The agent appointed by the Istanbul Government is trying to change the course of the National Struggle.

It is time to reevaluate everything again for Hilal after being shot.

Hilal, the target of Greek Commander Filippos and Greek colonel Adonis, will have to re-eye her relations with Leon after being shot. This incident seems to be about how much Turkish-Greek love might be possible in a war. Cevdet follows the guy who did this to Hilal. Filippos is aware that Adonis will become a target and will give him a final task before he runs away. Greek Commander Filippos, with the agent he has placed in the Turkish Army, allows him to fight on two fronts.

In addition, Filippos, who wants to take advantage of the turmoil in the army, moves forward step by step. Against the Greeks who are heading towards Eskisehir, the Ankara Government takes a new decision. This decision is the withdrawal of the Turkish Army after the damages it received.

However, Cevdet, who is blinded by his vision, will frighten Azize, who will do it for this purpose. Yakup is exposed to the torture of the Greeks; It is making a critical decision for the future of the Turkish nation. Cevdet has to watch what happened william hill ru Yakup in order to avoid doubt. Yildiz who learns that Yakup is a powerhouse searches the way to save Havva. Vecihi, who is working with Leon to get back the plane that caused Yakup to be arrested, will return with something different.

Filippos resorted to a method that was inconceivable to solve Yakup, who resisted not to speak. Filippos, who sees Cevdet with his own eyes seeing Yakup, prefers to confine Cevdet to the eye instead of arresting or punishing him. A dangerous game will begin between Cevdet and Filippos. Cevdet intends to launch the wick of a massive attack all over Izmir. Cevdet puts the plan into practice while the increasingly worsening situation in Sakarya is returning to death race.

This effort will bring Leon to the brink of death. Filippos wants him and mourns for his son Aleksi. S1, Ep Hilal and Mehmet arrests for exploding Greek arsenal.

Cevdet is grieved because his daughter gets punishment for his crime. Cevdet and all family try to save Hilal. Halide Edip comes to Izmir and becomes hope for Azize. Cevdet has a last ditch for saving his daughter. Eftalya learns everything about Tevfik and goes to Azize to tell.

Cevdet learns Tevfik is the traitor he was looking for. Their rivalry becomes different. Cevdet prepares to return his family. He wants his Ottoman uniform from Azize. But a letter comes from Mustafa Kemal, changes everything.

Vasili orders to exile Turk families. When Cevdet tries to protect his family, Azize makes a surprise decision. Costas wants to exile Cevdet.

Бк олимп кз бет says she will keep her promise to Tevfik. Hilal wants to make herself heard to Costas and goes to the ball. Leon stands in her way with dance. Cevdet has to kill Esref to believe the Greeks to himself. Cevdet has to give a decision. Cevdet is awarded with generalship.

Meanwhile English agent arrives. Azize accepts to organize female resisters gladly. Charles and Esref have plans for Tevfik. Yildiz follows Hilal closely. Ali Kemal wants to chasten his father Cevdet. Charles sends a offer Esref and charges Tevfik to wipe off communication between Anadolu and Izmir. Hilal is stuck in between love, country and siblings. She takes irreversible step. Leon gives his letter to Hilal. But according to Hilal, there is more important obstacles than Yildiz.

Sivas Congress is announced. Charles makes new plans. Hilal tries to stop her feelings. Vasili organizes a surprise engagement for Yildiz and Leon. Azize and Tevfik prepares for marriage.

The Turkish arsenal has to move to Afyon but it is impossible. The person that will help Cevdet for this duty is Azize.